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How humans and machines can work together to drive business performance

With NTT and IBM’s PowerAI platform, you can serve your customers better, automate repetitive tasks and gain insights to drive business performance.

You’ve heard a lot about artificial intelligence in recent years and how the technologies it encompasses, from machine learning to intelligent algorithms, are poised to transform every aspect of business and society.

Some future scenarios see AI displacing large numbers of jobs as robots and automation take over. But the reality is more complex. It is the combination of machine and human that gives AI its potential to be truly powerful and transformative.

That’s why computing pioneer IBM, which has been researching AI for over 50 years, refers to it as augmented rather than artificial intelligence. AI is about expanding and scaling up the potential of humans and technology rather than replacing human cognition.

New Zealand businesses are already embracing AI and there is strong evidence to suggest that accelerating its adoption will serve the nation well. In its report A Future That Works*, the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council highlighted a critical problem - our productivity is rough one-third lower than the OECD average* and has been steadily declining for years.

The Advisory Council, which features some of New Zealand’s top business leaders, found that the era of AI will “create more collaborative and cognitive jobs that involve more complex interactions and judgement”. It will also help us bridge our productivity gap.

But AI isn’t something for the future, it is available now and can a meaningful impact on your business today.

What AI can do for you now

Whether you are involved in financial services or healthcare, manufacturing or transport, you can put AI tools to work now to boost your productivity, better understand what your customers need and make better use of the data your business generates.

With PowerAI delivered as a cloud-based service, you don’t have to reinvent your own technology platforms. Instead, PowerAI will augment them.

PowerAI can be used to quickly create a customer service chatbot that can answer low-level questions from customers, freeing your staff to focus on more complex issues.

PowerAI lets you to leverage your data assets to bring new products to market and improve your decision making by analysing large data sets to validate your current strategies.

PowerAI can aggregate data feeds from IoT (Internet of Things) devices to get real-time visibility into the performance of your organisation.

Ultimately, PowerAI can let you automate the repetitive and time-consuming processes letting you focus on the tasks that are going to shift the needle in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction.

But getting the best out of AI involves understanding where you are on the technology maturity curve. Are you ready to make the cultural and systems changes required to make the most of the technology?

Local presence, global reach

NTT is here to help you with your AI transformation journey. With a presence in over 70 countries, including New Zealand with the recent incorporation into the group of respected IT services company Dimension Data, NTT offers you an unparalleled range of skills and capabilities across many technologies.

With 40,000 people worldwide and drawing on our innovation centre in Japan, we are a leader in helping organisations big and small get the best from AI.

As a close partner of IBM, we understand the PowerAI platform and how to assist you to make the most of it, to achieve your business objectives.

Get in touch with NTT today to learn what augmented intelligence can do for you and to start your own AI-powered transformation.

*A Future That Works: Harnessing Automation for a More Productive and Skilled New Zealand, May 2019