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Growing a better NZ together with Rabobank

Feel good about your savings and be part of something innovative and truly productive with Rabobank Online Savings.

As New Zealand’s only specialist food and agribusiness bank, Rabobank uses its customers’ online deposits to support some of our most successful farmers and growers.

Unlike its competitors, Rabobank isn’t motivated by share price. As part of a 120-year-old global cooperative banking group, it doesn’t have one. It’s not out to make enormous profits at the expense of its customers, but instead stays true to its core focus of creating value for them and the communities in which they do business.

As part of one of the world’s largest rural lenders, with a global network of farmers across 40 countries, Rabobank is uniquely placed to leverage vast international resources and networks for the benefit of local customers. This includes research from more than 90 analysts, which helps farmers and growers make smarter business decisions and increase their productivity.

When you bank with Rabobank, you’re getting behind the future of our food industry. Rabobank drives a range of activities to help educate and encourage its clients, and the wider farming community, on environmental sustainability. It is also a proud sponsor of Garden to Table, an in-school programme focused on teaching kids about where their food comes from.

Rabobank Online Savings

When you bank with Rabobank Online Savings, every single dollar that you deposit stays right here in the country. As well as giving you competitive rates, zero account fees and secure banking, you can grow your savings, while helping to grow our country.

Rabobank isn’t just for rural customers. Rabobank Online Savings includes term deposits, on-call and on-notice savings accounts that are all easily managed online, 24-7.

Rabobank Online Savings presents an opportunity for all Kiwis to get behind New Zealand’s smart, hard-working food producers, who bring food to our tables and export it to the world.

For more information or to apply, visit www.rabobank.co.nz/online-savings