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Help when you need it most

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You never know what’s around the corner. When life is ticking along just fine, it’s human nature not to want to spend time thinking about how your circumstances might suddenly change, and how you’d cope if they do. It’s also natural to want to keep your independence.

Whether you need some short-term support and advice, or ongoing assistance to share the load, Personal Assist can help. Managing financial and property matters by yourself can be challenging. Maybe your partner used to do it, and they’re no longer here.

You might be feeling the strain of caring for elderly parents no longer able to manage on their own. Perhaps you’re looking for some independent professional advice, or just want to free up some time so you can get on with doing the things you really enjoy in life. With Personal Assist, a dedicated Public Trust Adviser is on hand to do as much or as little as you need – giving you that extra peace of mind without the stress.


Vanita and Shamindra

“I run my own business, Sham runs his own business. We also have other activities outside of that as well... Life’s gotten so busy, so much harder to deal with, even though we have all this technology and these wonderful things; it’s just gotten busier. Maybe once our children get a bit older and they’re more independent.” – Vanita

Personal Assist can help you balance family commitments with the pressures of daily life. A Public Trust Adviser can make sure your finances are structured to meet your needs and living costs, including mortgages and loans – whether it’s short-term support to keep things ticking over while you’re on holiday, managing a property, or simply handling annual tax returns.

“It hasn’t been discussed but if you look at our cultural background, it’s expected that you would take care of your parents… be there for your parents. You would take care of them right to the end.” – Vanita

“That would be something I’d have to man up and just do. It’ll be saying thank you for looking after me when I was a young kid.” – Shamindra

It’s not easy juggling a young family with ageing parents who increasingly rely on your support. Personal Assist is designed to reassure you that their financial and property matters are in order.

“I think they still need to feel as if they have their own life and they can do their own things, have their own privacy, and we are there to support them if they need anything extra.” – Shamindra 

In their later years, parents often want to stay as independent as possible, without being a burden on their children. With Personal Assist, a dedicated adviser can step in and help with as much or as little as needed, providing reassurance that their financial and property affairs are in order.


Jean and Wayne

“Her most valuable possession? Herself, really. Apart from that, financial-wise, it’s her investments. Mine’s the same. A little holiday home and money that is in investments.” – Wayne

If you want to spend less time looking after your finances and more on the things you enjoy in life, Personal Assist is here for you. From day-to-day banking and bills, to looking after your investments and keeping up the maintenance on any properties you own, it’s the stress-free way to manage your affairs – and you decide which services you want to use.

“I think we’ve done things pretty well and also done things to look after each other. They’re things that’ve got to be talked about… You’ve got to discuss them.” – Wayne

When the time comes to consider a retirement village or a rest home, Personal Assist can help smooth the transition process, whether it’s completing rest home agreements, applying for a residential care subsidy or loan, assisting with the purchase of a unit in a retirement village or helping with the move into your new home. 

“You are dealing with unknowns, so if you have some service to help and guide you, that can only be a good thing. We need planning, because it can and does happen. To have someone help ease you through that pathway and know you’ve set things in place – it’s got to be good. It’s got to be really good. As long as you’ve got clarity and honesty and everyone knows what’s involved… that’s really important.” – Jean

Because Personal Assist is tailored to your individual needs, the first step is to set up a meeting with Public Trust to find out how their experts can help. We can provide a cost estimate, based on the level of support you choose, then a dedicated adviser will get on with things: managing your work and co-ordinating where needed with accountants, tax specialists and lawyers. You’ll be kept up-to-date and able to see exactly what’s been done.

 “I don’t want my children to go through what I did with my Mum. I nursed her for quite some time before she had to go into a hospital and she didn’t have any plans in place other than her Will. For her health and welfare, I had to take charge of everything. Having clarity to show to my siblings what I was doing, where the money was going, that was important to me.” – Jean

 Caring for someone you love can be very demanding and emotionally exhausting. Personal Assist takes some of that load off your shoulders, from managing bills or collecting pensions, to checking benefit entitlements, disposing of assets or preparing a home for sale. Public Trust gives impartial financial assistance, helping you to make the right decisions. 

Call (0800) 371 471 or visit Publictrust.co.nz to find out more about Personal Assist and begin making your plan.