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Climate strike poll: Do parents support the kids skipping school today?

Thousands of students around New Zealand are protesting government inaction on climate change. Jenny Nicholls captured the action at Aotea Square, Auckland.

We wanted to know if Kiwi parents and grandparents would support their children and mokopuna if they missed school today for the climate strike, so we asked them.

Our new Insight poll reveals that over half of parents with school-age children strongly support those attending today's #schoolstrike4climate protest across New Zealand.

Grandparents are also backing their mokopuna, with 45% of those surveyed showing their support for attendance of the protest and only 24% opposing. 17% of parents are also against the idea.

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The protests are part of a global movement that is demanding action from governments and politicians on climate change. Hundreds of thousands of children in some 100 countries are expected to walk out of school on Friday in solidarity.

When asked if this growing alarm over climate change was justified, only 4% of parents believed it wasn't, compared to 55% who did.

However, when the Listener asked if parents and grandparents should march over climate change inaction, respondents were less enthusiastic, with 28% and 37% respectively saying no, and 32% and 27% saying they were not sure.

Do you think the growing alarm over climate change is justified?


Whether or not your have heard of the "School Strike 4 Climate" before today, do you support your children, grandchildren or mokopuna if they choose to protest about climate change this Friday?


Would you like to see a march of parents and grandparents to demand more action on climate change?

Source: Bauer Insights IQ Climate Change Survey. N=885 magazine readers 18+. Results weighted by age and gender.