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Love burgers?

Drive-Thru or dine in, McDonald’s® Gourmet Creations range is the stuff of delicious burger dreams.

The Serious Angus ® Burger.
That first bite into the McDonald’s Serious Angus® Burger... Ahh, the 100% New Zealand Angus® beef pattie, the crispy bacon, the crunchy lettuce, red onion, tomato, cheese, pickles, all encased in a chilli chive bun – yum!

McDonald’s knows how much we love our gourmet burgers, so that’s why they’re now offering the Gourmet Creations range. It brings together top-quality ingredients in seven seriously good burgers. And, of course, for those “I need a burger, quick!” moments, there’s the convenience of Drive-Thru.

Gourmet burger devotees will love the deliciously melting brie, crunchy lettuce and tangy relish in the Chicken, Brie & Relish burger. Or if it’s lower-carb you want, The Loaded Lettuce has all the flavour, without the bun. There’s something to suit every taste, so try one today!

The full Gourmet Creations range:

The Serious Angus®
Chicken Bacon Deluxe
Homestyle Angus
The Almighty Angus® 1/2LB
The Loaded Lettuce
The Big Cheese
Chicken, Brie & Relish